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God created Adam and his wife Eve

Seth was a son of Adam and Eve

Enos was a son of Seth

Cainan was a son of Enos

Mahalaleel was a son of Cainan

Jared was a son of Mahalaleel

Enoch was a son of Jared

Methuselah was a son of Enoch

Lamech was a son of Methuselah

Noah was a son of Lamech

Shem was a son of Noah

Arphaxad was a son of Shem

Salah was a son of Arphaxad

Eber was a son of Salah

Peleg was a son of Eber

Reu was a son of Peleg

Serug was a son of Reu

Nahor was a son of Serug

Terah was a son of Nahor

Abram was a son of Terah

The seventeenth chapter of Genesis tells about the covenant God made with Abram and the changing of his name to Abraham.

Isaac was a son of Abraham

Jacob was a son of Isaac

Isaac was "the son of promise", the one through whom all nations of the earth are blessed. That blessing comes through Jesus Christ, who was physically a descendant of Abraham and Isaac and also "the son of promise" of whom Isaac was "a type" or a foreshadowing.

Black Bible

Luke 3:23 gives the genealogy of Jesus Christ

This is actually the genealogy of Jesus's earthly father, Joseph. I believe in the virgin birth but I am aware that some people question why the genealogy is given this way. Not wanting to discuss theology here, I will only say that I know Jews living in Bible times considered adopted children to have the same status as others in the family. Are our families today any different? I do not know of any people who were adopted into our family in past generations but we have several living now who are adopted. They are full members of the family.


In Luke, Joseph's line is given, but in Matthew it is Mary's line. Luke gives the legal and Matthew the physical. Some confusion is caused by the fact that Joseph's name is given in Matthew as a son of Jacob, Mary's father. The reason is that, in that time, a woman's name was not used in a genealogy. Joseph's name was substituted for Mary's.

This is the most authentic page in this site. The authority for these facts is the Holy Bible.