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Dear Descendants
The Brooks line


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Lily ? , date and place of birth unknown, lived in the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, with her husband. Some family members believe his last name was Thomas. No one knows his first name. Both Lily and her husband died in a smallpox epidemic. No relatives were left alive to care for their two children, so my great-grandmother Fannie and an older brother were taken to Texas, possibly adopted, by a family reportedly named Howard.


Family Member Grandma Fannie

Frances (Angelina?) (Thomas?) "Fannie" was born in Indian Territory, date unknown
Fannie married George Brooks, date and place unknown
George was the father of Fannie's children but died at about age 50, after which Fannie married a man the family knew only as "Mr. Russell". According to one of Fannie's granddaughters, that marriage took place in 1913 but he was abusive and that marriage did not last very long. Fannie then lived with her daughter Jenny until she married a man named Brazier, about 1928. Brazier was also abusive. Fannie died at Madill, Oklahoma in 1931.

William Henry Brooks was a son of Fannie and George

William Henry Brooks was Born April 21, 1885 at Sansaba, Texas
Will married Eva Haning, date and place unknown
Died August 4, 1958 at Ardmore, Oklahoma

William Kenneth Brooks was a son of Will and Eva Brooks

William Kenneth Brooks was born August 12, 1913 at Wewoka, Oklahoma
Married Rozellah Pearl Petty January 6, 1932 at Davis, Oklahoma
Died December 29, 1996 at Orange Park, Florida

Family Member Kenneth Brooks

Family Member Rozellah Petty Brooks

The Petty line



It seems unfair and inaccurate to make "the Brooks line" all about the Cherokee, although it is from Grandpa Brooks that I get my Cherokee blood. The story of the seeming impossibility of researching the Brooks line is told on Grandma Fannie's page. Briefly, I will say here that Fannie was married to a red-headed Irishman. His name being Brooks, it is obvious that he was also descended from English ancestors. Fannie's mother, Lily, was also married to a white man, but we do not know his name. The search continues










The "Indian Angel" above is a pattern designed especially for me by my daughter Melanie. The link to her site, where you can find this pattern, and others, is above the picture.

I apologize to anyone who is offended by my use of the word "Indian." When I was growing up in Oklahoma, no one minded being called "Indian." Now that I know the term is considered derogatory by some, I try to remember to say "Native American" most of the time. It is hard, however, to give up old habits. Within the family, we still say "Indian" but sometimes have to explain what we mean by saying either "our kind of Indian" or "East Indian." Columbus really created a lot of confusion for us, didn't he?

I am "part Indian and proud of it" but I would like to add a few words here about what people should call those of us who are descended from the aboriginal tribes of North America. It is simple. Use tribal names. A Cherokee is no more like an Apache than an Englishman is like a Frenchman. These days, I rarely tell anyone that I am "part Indian." I say, "I am part Cherokee."

As I have said elsewhere, I am not really a genealogist. I have taken on the role of family historian. That means that I am more interested in finding out what my ancestors were like than in being sure of the family lineage. In the case of my Cherokee ancestors, I will probably never know much about the individuals from whom I am descended. The best I can do is study their way of life. I continue to seek out information about the people called "Cherokee."

This page is created from a variety of sources. Because I have few supporting documents, I urge serious genealogists not to copy what I have here. This list is intended mainly as information for my descendants. I am making it available to them, or to anyone else who wants to use it as a beginning point to do serious research.