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William Kenneth Brooks


Born: August 12, 1913 at Wewoka, Oklahoma
Died: December 29, 1996 at IHS Nursing Home, Orange Park, Florida
Buried at Brevard Memorial Park, Sharpes, Florida

Parents: William Henry Brooks and Mary Evaline Haning

Biographical notes: Called "Peanut" as a child, he was usually called "Kenneth" by friends and
"W. K." in business. His formal education extended only through the third grade at Red Mound Schoolhouse, near Sylvan, Oklahoma. (Link to self-education) The story is that older brothers Ray and Orvell talked little brother Peanut into staying at home to help work the farm so they could be free to continue their education. He was in the Conservation Corps and was working on a project in the Arbuckle Mountains when he met his wife, Rozellah Petty of Davis. (Add link to their story here) Rated 4F by the draft board because of poor eyesight, he did not serve in World War II. During the depression years, he worked at whatever job he could get, often leaving Rozallah and the children with her parents and traveling alone as far as California to find work. (Link here) He became a skilled carpenter and sometimes worked as a building contractor. In 1957, he became an insurance salesman, first doing debit work for Lincoln National, then working for several other companies. From 1957 until he retired, he switched from carpentry to insurance work several times and also did some commercial fishing in Florida. (Fish link here) He was a Baptist deacon, ordained at Meadowbrook Missionary Baptist Church, San Antonio, Texas on April 2, 1954. He served as deacon at several Missionary and Southern Baptist churches in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Louisiana, and Florida. (Link to his writings and stories about him)

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I'll include sources for the information wherever possible.

If I have recorded a family member's voice, I may include it here.

A  puppy

I have stories to tell about pets belonging to three generations in our family. The lonely little guy in the middle of this white square represents all of them. I have actual photographs of some dogs and will scan them for posting later.

Memories and Stories

I'll use this area to describe any personal memories I have about this person, or any family stories about the person I might have heard.

If this family member has a web page or e-mail address of their own, I might include the address here.