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This photograph of my paternal great-great grandmother was published with a story about her death in THE WEWOKA TIMES-DEMOCRAT dated January 10, 1936. The headline was "County's Oldest Resident Dies At Home Here".

1936 Newspaper

Lucinda Evaline Hawk Davis

Lucinda was my father's maternal grandmother. She was 101 years old when she died. A five-generation picture was taken that included Lucinda as the first generation and my sister Rozalee as the fifth.


Moses was probably not a direct ancestor.


This is the brother of the man pictured on the front page, thus, he is my great-great-great uncle.

old-fashioned cookstove that burned wood

Grandma Davis probably cooked on the woodstove pictured here.


Notice the Haning name spelled two different ways here.


Family Photos 2