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Marion Franklin Haning
Born: July 4, 1865 at Montague County, Texas
Married: Annie Davis, January 1, 1888 at Siloam Springs, Arkansas or Cherokee City, Indian Territory (I.T. later became part of Oklahoma)
Died: April 20, 1958 at Seminole County, Oklahoma
Buried: At Oakwood Cemetery, Wewoka, Oklahoma


Born: June 16, 1866 (look up place)
Married: Frank Haning, January 1, 1888 at Siloam Springs, Arkansas or Cherokee City, Indian Territory (I.T. later became part of Oklahoma)
Died: August 1, 1959 at Seminole County, Oklahoma
Buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Wewoka, Oklahoma

Biographical sketch of Frank and Annie:

I cannot discuss these two seperately because I never knew them as individuals. When I was a child, I did not even know their given names. I called them "Grandma and Grandpa Haning." That is what my parents called them, also. We saw them once a year at the Haning family reunion.


I can only provide second-hand information about these people, my great-grandparents. To the right, under the heading "Stories" I will share some things I have heard about these people. Nora Kelly, also the great-granddaughter of Frank and Annie Haning, gives more information on her site.


Hanings on porch

Later, I will find out which of the daughters is my grandmother, Eva Haning Brooks. This group is posed on the porch of the old homeplace. Grandma and Grandpa Haning sat on that porch and received hordes of grandchildren and great-grandchildren every Father's Day during the forties and fifties.


Frank seems to have been a much quieter person than his wife. Several stories about Annie are told in two books about the Haning family. I do not own either of the books so I can't be sure, but I don't think they include any stories about Frank. I have two brief stories to tell here, one about Frank and the other about both of them.

My father, Kenneth Brooks, grandson of the Hanings, tells about a time when he was a teenager working on the Haning farm with several other family members. Someone ran out to the field yelling, "Grandpa's dead." Everyone rushed back to the house and the doctor was called. I don't know whether Grandpa Haning was revived by the doctor's skill or the family prayed for him. At any rate, he did revive. According to my mother, who was the oral historian in our family, after that Frank Haning never did any work. He spent his time sitting on the front porch of the farmhouse.

It was on that front porch that he spoke to my mother about his wife's pretentiousness, "Annie says she's German. Me, I'm just plain Dutch." Explanation: Frank and Annie were both German but the original word for German was "Deutsch." Germans and others who had picked up the word, pronounced it "Dutch" but it had nothing to do with the Netherlands.

Pennsylvania Dutch are of German heritage

If this family member has a web page or e-mail address of their own, I might include the address here.